• Homework Procedures

    Homework is a way of assessing a student’s understanding of concepts learned in the classroom. Students are given homework on a nightly basis to ensure that they are able to apply the information that is given to them.

    Certain homework assignments will be collected at times for a grade. Other assignments will be used as a basis for discussion and review in class. All homework assignments are accepted, regardless if they are not completed on time. While points are not deducted from a late assignments’ grade, a homework grade for the end of marking period report card is determined by the number of assignments that are turned in on time Students are allowed up to three late assignments per marking period before this grade is affected.

    Students are expected to write down the homework assignments every night to help them keep track of due dates and long term assignments. Mrs. Walker’s website will also include the homework and is updated daily.

    Assignment sheets and graded work summaries​ are notices that are sent home every week as a means of communicating with the parents/guardians. The assignment sheets list the homework assignments from that week and note which ones were turned in on time. Also listed, are upcoming due dates for projects and tests. The graded work summary lists the graded assignments that were given back to the student. Both sheets need to be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian and returned the next school day.

    Test​ Procedures

    Test are given approximately every 2-3 weeks. Notification of test are given to students in class as well as noted on the previous week’s assignment sheet.

    Students are encouraged to make corrections on any question he/she answered incorrectly. The purpose of making these corrections is to ensure that the student understands the information and does not repeat that error again in the future. The number of questions that are answered correctly are recorded and used to help determine a student’s end of marking period grade. Corrections are due the day after the test is given back and must be made on a separate piece of paper. Please do not make any changes to the original answers on the test.

    Every test must be signed by a parent/guardian.

    ​Grading System

    All grades are determined by a 1-4 scale.
    4 = EXCEEDS expectations
    3 = MEETS expectations
    2 = SOMETIMES MEETS expectations
    1 = NEEDS TO WORK on identified skills and/or concepts

    Some assignments and assessments will be assessed via a rubric that will give indicators for the various parts of the assignment. The rubric will be used to determine the student’s final grade.

    Additional Classroom Procedures​

    SNACKS - Students are allowed to bring in a snack to eat during the day. Snacks should be easily accessible and able to be eaten while the students are working in class. Snacks should also be of a nutritious nature.

    Some nut free snacks: Doritos, Pop Corn- Wise, Potatoe Chips- Ruffles / Lays / Pringles/ Cape Cod, Pretzels - Rold Gold, Nacho chips- Tostitos, Donuts- Entenmanns pop ums or 8 pack of donuts, Mini Muffins- Entenmanns

    BIRTHDAYS: In lieu of birthday treats, students celebrating a birthday will have an opportunity to choose a special activity in which the class will participate.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in September and June.  Please refrain from handing out invitations to parties in school.