The following web pages provide information to support our current units of study:
    Spelling City                          Scholastic                    Science News for Students        Spelling City         
    Everyday Math                      ReadWorks.org             Prodigy Math                            Science for Kids
    XtraMath                               GetEpic                        Dogo News                              IXL
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    Fifth Grade Curriculum

     Reading and Writing

    Unit 1 Character/Theme and Personal Narrative
    Unit 2 Fantasy and Literary Essay
    Unit 3 Journalism and Feature Article
    Unit 4 Research-Based Argument Essay
    Unit 5 Fan Fiction
    Unit 6 Independent Project 


    Our math program is based around a curriculum that is both rigorous and balanced. The Everyday Math Program emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills. The program challenges students to explore the entire mathematical spectrum, not just basic arithmetic. The students encounter skills such as number sense, algebra, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and probability.


    Unit 1: Structures and Properties of Matter
    Unit 2: Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
    Unit 3: Earth's Systems
    Unit 4: Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System

    Social Studies

    Unit 1: Spatial Relations and Maps
    Unit 2: Physical Geography
    Unit 3: Natural Resources (water)
    Unit 4: Human Environment
    Unit 5: Ancient Civilization


    WORDS THEIR WAY -​ Each sort they complete focuses on a spelling rule.  The sequence of the developmental program is based on the alphabet, spelling patterns, and meaning principles of a child's spelling development.  Students will have a new sort to work with every cycle.​