Homework will be assigned Monday to Thursday to reinforce skills learned in class. If homework is missing, it is recorded and the student has the following night to make up the assignment. Of course, students absent due to illness will be given the necessary time to make up missed assignments. We will copy down homework together every day with their Chromebook. All homework will be posted on our class website as well. There will be times that unfinished classwork becomes homework for students. Students are expected to complete these assignments by the following day.


    Study guides will be given to the students for some of the tests given. We will prepare in class for tests, and students will be expected to prepare nightly for an upcoming test once it has been announced. Signed tests are to be returned the next day.

    Please find our grading system below:
    4 = Consistently demonstrates a high level of achievement
    3 = Meets expectations
    2 = Sometimes meets expectations
    1 = Rarely meets expectations