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    ​Your child will have homework Monday through Friday. Students received a homework agenda book during the first week of school in which to record their daily homework assignments. All necessary homework materials and any school notices will be put in their homework folder. The homework agenda and homework folder will be going home with the student daily. Please check your child's homework agenda to find their assignments. Daily homework assignments are also available on my webpage.

    Homework: ​​
    We have a 5 strike rule. Each marking period, a student is allotted 5 strikes. One missed homework is 1 strike. After 5 strikes, I will notify you for each homework missed. At the start of every new marking period, the slate is wiped clean and every child starts over. If your child misses homework, I ask that they make it up the following night.  After the 5 missed homeworks, I will ask them to complete it at recess or snack time.  

    For most tests, advance notice will be given. When tests are given back to students, they must be signed and brought back to school the next day. Tests do not stay at home. Some tests, not all, will have study guides.

    We will have working snack every day in the afternoon.  Please send your kid in with a healthy snack. Snacks cannot be shared due to allergies, so if your child forgets one they cannot share with a friend.

    ​I will happily celebrate your child's birthday in school. Just email me to let me know when you'd like to celebrate it and please be sure to send in a nut-free treat with your child.