• Welcome to 4th Grade!
    Teacher: Emily Whitman
    Contact: ewhitman@usrschoolsk8.com

    • About Me: I have been teaching in Upper Saddle River since 2003. I have been both a 4th and 5th grade teacher here at Bogert School. I have two masters degrees both in education.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you need to!  We are a team working together to make sure your child has a wonderful and succesful year in 4th grade!  I can be reached at the above email address, or at 201-961-6350, extention 2024.  I will always try to get back to you the same day you contact me.  I look forward to teaching your child this year! 

    Welcome to our 4th Grade Class!  


    Here are some things coming up in December! 





    In math, students will be learning about fractions!  We will also be learning how to make equivalent fractions, how to compare and order fractions.  We will learn how to model tenths with fraction circles and base 10 blocks as well, and compare decimals.  Students will be working on fraction word problems as well.  The students have shown growth in their knowledge of multiplication facts, and I encourage them to keep up that great work!  In our next unit we will be learning double digit multiplication, so keep on practicing!  


    Science: Students will soon be ending their first science unit and returning to social studies for the next marking period.  Next up will be our waves unit!

    Social Studies:  In Social Studies this month, we will be studying Power and Change in our country.  We are studying what a revolutionary is, and how people bring about change when they feel they are being treated unfairly.  Our class has discussed that there are many ways for people to bring about change.  We will discuss important revolutionaries in our country.

    Reading: In reading, students are learning about non-fiction.  Students have learned that non-fiction texts are written in different structures.  Being familiar with these structures can help a reader to navigate the information in a specific way.  Students are using graphic organizers based on the structure to help take notes. They are also using boxes and bullets to take notes on main idea.

    Writing:  In writing, students are working on personal essay.  Students have developed many ideas about what they'd like to write about, and have started to develop thesis statements based on these ideas.  Soon, they will begin their essays.