• ​​​Classroom Policies and Procedures

    Homework:​Homework will be given on a daily basis to reinforce skills that were taught in class. Homework will be reviewed each day. Late or incomplete assignments will be noted and must be completed the following night in order to receive credit. Homework should not be stressful and should not take a lot of time. If your child is struggling with an assignment please e-mail or attach a note.

    Snack/Lunch:​​ During Phase 1, food will not be permitted in the building.  Please make sure your son/daughter eats a well balanced meal prior to coming into class.   

    Tests:​ Students will have one week prior notice to begin studying for assessments. Quizzes will be given sporadically and may or may not be announced. Once graded, tests and quizzes will be returned and students will have two days to get them signed by a parent/guardian.

    Birthdays: I would love to celebrate your child's birthday in class. Since food is not permitted at this time, we will sing "Happy Birthday" and create a booklet that will be sent home the following day.  

    Reminders: Students that attend school during the AM Session will attend specials at home, in the afternoon.  Students that attend school during the PM Session will attend specials at home, in the morning.