• Second Grade

    Language Arts

    Second grade is an crucial year for young readers. Students will build upon early learning skills and strengthen and secure reading habits. Second graders will work to decode multi-syllabic words, ask and answer comprehension questions, and make new discoveries while reading. Throughout the year students will engage in fiction stories, non-fiction texts, as well as new genres such as realistic fiction and mysteries. Second graders will continue to study word patterns that will help them become strong spellers. They will continue to generalize this skill and recognize the patterns automatically in written words.


    Second graders will continue to grow as writers in their own unique ways. Students will revisit basic mechanics of sentence structure. Throughout the year, we will make our writing stronger and more interesting to our audience by including strong details. Second graders will write in different genres including narrative, nonfiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and opinion. In these units, we will also work on revision and editing upon completion of a writing piece. We use our SPACE strategy to remember the must-haves in our writing!



    Put A Period

    Add a


    Every time!



    Students in second grade will be working on the Everyday Math program. Please see the link to the Everyday Math webpage which is a great reference to stay connected with learning in the classroom and play math games regularly at home. Don’t forget you can also print Homelinks from the website!

    It is important to practice math daily at home. In addition to homework and practicing math facts, here are some fun way to practice math at home:

    -Tell time on analog clocks at home
    -Identify and count a collection of coins
    -Identify the place value of three digit numbers
    -Add and subtract
    -Play games to practice math facts