• Kindergarten

    Language Arts

    Kindergarten is an important part of primary reading success. Students will secure letter names, letter sound correspondences and apply these sounds to decode new words. In the resource room, multisensory approaches to learning will be infused to help students reach their full potential. Students will also learn non-decodable words and we will call these words red words.  


    In Writing, kindergarten students will learn early skills to become writers. We will learn how to storytell, draw pictures and add labels. Children will learn how to separate a sentence into individual words and use phonics skills to write sentences. We will also learn to write sentences with proper capitalization and end punctuation. Each student will work on their own specific goals throughout different units of study including narrative writing, opinion writing, and nonfiction writing.



    Put a Period

    Add a


    Every Time!



    Students in kindergarten will be working on the Everyday Math program. Please see the link to the Everyday Math webpage which is a great reference to stay connected with learning in the classroom and play math games regularly at home.


     We will also be working on basic math skills that you can practice at home!

    - Practice counting orally.

    -Counting a collection of objects

    - Practice writing numbers. Be sure you can read these numbers too!

    - Skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.