• Classroom News


    In the resource room, students are exposed to different academic programs in a balanced approach to literacy through a multi-sensory approach to learning. Students will participate in Reading Workshop where they will learn different strategies to make them life-long readers. Students will expand their knowledge of word study and spelling patterns. Throughout the year, students will also have opportunities to engage in just-right book, participate in guided reading, respond to interactive read alouds, and participate in shared reading activities.



    Students will participate in Writing Workshop as they work hard to become great writers. Writers will learn to revise their writing pieces by brining out their strengths to make them stronger writers. Students will focus on forming sentences with proper mechanics including captialization and puncuation.



    ​Students will be using the Everyday Mathematics Program, which spirals old and new concepts throughout the year. In math class, students will have the opportunity to strengthen previously learned skills and as well as learn new concepts from the NJ standards. Students will benefit from daily practice of addition and subtraction math facts.