Mrs. Lavelle's Class

    Classroom Learning

    October Newsletter 

    Language Arts

    Our Language Arts program is adaptation of Orton-Gillingham techniques. It is a sequence of explicitly taught language skills that engages a multi-sensory approach. Through visual, auditory, and kinestetic modalities the children learn phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency with comprehension strategies. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child.

    Leveled Literacy Instruction

    During guided reading lessons, we use a variety of instructional methods to teach reading. We use shared reading, phonics, and independent reading. Instruction is geared to the individual level of your child. Students also write about the books they are reading.

    Writer's Workshop

    During Writer's Workshop time, we express what is important in our lives. We share our expertise, our knowledge, and our experiences with the world around us.


    ​Students will be using the Everyday Mathematics Program, which spirals old and new concepts throughout the year. In math class, students will have the opportunity to strengthen previously learned skills and as well as learn new concepts from the NJ standards. Students will benefit from daily practice of addition and subtraction math facts.