• policy



    • Wear sneakers (dress shoes, boots, crocs, sandals are not permitted)
    • Wear cool, comfortable clothing (dangling jewelry is not permitted unless it's a small necklace that can be tucked into one's shirt
    • During all emergency drills, line up silently and follow the teacher's instruction


    • Students must wear sneakers in order to participate in Physical Education
    • Medical Excuses: Students can be excused from class for one day with a written notice from a parent. Students who need to be excused more than one day must provide the school nurse with a doctor's note stating how long the child must refrain from physical activity


    • Students will come into the gym and sit down in their assigned squad spots
    • Attendance will be taken during warm ups
    • Instruction of new skill or activity will be given
    • Game situations will be used in order to practice the new skill
    • Line up by doors at the end of class