Please have a weekly music time where you share music together! Music is not just for in the car listening!
    Sing, dance and play music of all styles and from all around the world. Google children's music, and listen to instruments and songs from many countries.

    To start your music library, I recommend:

    Tom Chapin and Red Grammer and the music (not the videos) from musicals like:
    Annie, Peter Pan, Charlie and The Choclate Factory, Little Mermaid, the childrens songs of Sound of music, etc.

    Creative corner

    Have a special spot set up for your child to create in. When children have their story read at bed time, include a song and some made up stories and songs.

    Here are some creative times, send me some of your creative times!


    Here is Sierra learning some guitar from her Grandpa

    Sierra Plays

    Sierra Plays Guitar




    Here is Gia creating a song at home after her first music class!

    Here is Avery singing a song that her sister and friends created!



    Juliana plays piano!


    Listen to Jack singing!


    Avery and Leah sing Teaching Peace


    Listen to Spencer sing Bald Eagle!




    Listen to Maddy Play piano!