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    ​Mrs Rockwell's Message


    As we kick off the new school year, we're diving into the world of creativity and imagination right here in our art room. Our first adventure begins with the heartwarming tale of "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds, a story that teaches us a valuable lesson – that everyone has the potential to be an artist if they're willing to take that first step.

    In celebration of National "Dot" Day, our students will embark on a creative journey, inspired by the story's message. Armed with paint sticks and oil pastels, they will have the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of dot painting. These vibrant, expressive artworks are sure to capture the essence of each student's unique imagination.

    But the creativity doesn't stop there! We're excited to showcase our students' incredible dot paintings during our upcoming Back to School night. Parents, guardians, and visitors will have the chance to marvel at the talent and inspiration on display in our school hallways.

    To keep everyone in the loop and to share the joy of our creative endeavors, we'll be posting photos of the students' dot paintings right here on our website. Be sure to check back regularly to see the incredible works of art that our budding artists produce.