• Helpful Websites

    The following are many wonderful websites that are age-appropriate for second graders. These are all teacher-approved websites which will help enhance second grade. Please feel free to allow your child to explore these sites under your supervision. As with anything on the internet, please exercise internet safety procedures to ensure that your child is exposed only to appropriate content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I will be happy to answer your questions. I have grouped the websites by type and have included a hyperlink to the site, the URL and a brief description of the website. I hope you and your child have fun exploring these sites.

    All external links are intended for educational purposes only. If you come across any content that makes you uncomfortable, please contact the classroom teacher who will, in turn, notify the building principal.







    Language Arts Websites 

    Scholastic News


    Spelling City
    Your child can log into this website to practice their word study sorts, high frequency words, and more.

    Puzzle Maker


This website can be used to make word puzzles! This is a fun way to practice your high frequency words

    Math Websites

    Everyday Math
 - Click on Mrs. Vega with the robot next to it. 



Play games that go with our math program.

    Practice your math facts and see how much you improve each day!

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This website has math manipulatives for students of all ages. It includes clocks, base-ten blocks, geometric shapes, geoboards, and more. Have fun playing around on it with your child!