• Policies and Procedures



     *Note that there will be no lunch or snack at this time due to the hybrid schedule and procedures regarding birthday celebrations have been changed at this time.

    Dismissal Information

    ​​The dismissal information you provide at the beginning of the school year is used to make sure your child only goes home with the people you note. Any changes should be sent to me so I can make the changes to my dismissal information. If you would like for your child to go a route that is not the usual route or not escourted by the classroom teacher, a note must be provided and approved by the building principal. If a change is made during the day, please do not send me an email. I do not check my emails when I am with the children and I may not receive it . This time sensitive information must be called into the main office (201-961-6300). They will make sure I receive the details of the change being made.


    Call the school if your child will be absent. Notify the school in advance if your child will be absent due to a vacation. The attendance office can be reached at extension 6376.


    If your child is late, please have him/her go to the attendance office to get a late pass before reporting to class. Please do your best to get your child to school on time.

    It makes a difference to your child and to the rest of the class.


    Please refer to Mrs. Severs information regarding birthday celebrations.  Due to the fact that the students will be in half days and no food will be served.  We will be sure to celebrate in ways to make the day special!

    Invitations can be handed out in class only if the whole class is invited. Disregard at this time...On the day of your child's birthday, you may wish to send in a treat for the class. This must be a healthy treat. Some ideas are fresh fruit, cut up vegetables, yogurt, frozen fruit bars, cheese and crackers and mini muffins. You can go to the PTO link on this website for more great ideas! Please do not send in treats such as brownies, cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes etc. because they can not be served. Drinks are not needed. Passing out of treats outside the classroom is discouraged. Remember to notify your teacher if your child has an allergy and please be aware if there are any allergies to food in your child's classroom. You will be notified and asked to avoid sending in those kinds of treats.


    There will be daily outdoor recess after lunch unless it is raining. Send your child with warm attire (gloves, hats, sweaters) during the cold months of school. Preferably in layers. 

     *Note that there will be no lunch or snack at this time due to the hybrid schedule.


    Labeling clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and personal items is always helpful.


    If your child is going home a different way than usual, please send in a note.


    Please supply your child with a HEALTHY snack every day. One that can be eaten easily is best. Don't forget to send in a snack on half days and days when your child has purchased a special lunch.   *Note that there will be no lunch or snack at this time due to the hybrid schedule.

    Milk Money

    Your child will have an opportunity to buy milk. If you did not purchase milk, please supply your child with a drink for snack and lunch. *Note that there will be no lunch or snack at this time due to the hybrid schedule.


    All medications need to be given to the health office if taken during school hours.


    Your child has a homework folder. Please check the folder everyday for important papers. If the folder is lost or ruined, please replace it as soon as you can.


    The primary purposes of homework in second grade are to encourage your child to be a responsible person and to reinforce concepts taught in class. Homework is always due the following morning, unless otherwise noted.

    Book Orders

    Scholastic book orders offer an opportunity for you to buy reading material(s) for your child at a reasonable cost. If you would like to place an order for any Scholastic Club click on the link that follows. Information will be sent home throughout the school year!

    Scholastic Book Orders


    At this time please follow the new guidelines set for visitors given the Pandemic.

    All visitors must report to the greeter or office if you wish to communicate with your child. If you have a lunch, classwork, library book or any other item, please leave it with the greeter for your child to pick up at a convenient time. This procedure avoids classroom interruptions.

    Teacher/Parent Meetings

    If you need to speak to me, please schedule a meeting. You can email me, call me or send me a note if you need to contact me at any time. My phone number is 201-961-6300 x2055. My email address is tnussman@usrschoolsk.com


    Conferences will be held in the Fall. Please let me know if you need to speak to me on a different occasion. You can email me, write me a note or leave a message on my phone mail. See above for more information!

    Please try to avoid "grabbing" me at dismissal time.

    I need to make sure my full attention is given to the children and providing for their safety.

    Report Cards

    A report card will go out three times during the school year. One time in December, again in the Spring and then on the last day of school.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!​