For this activity, the children watched as Mrs. Ardito dissected a pumpkin and described its parts.  During this lesson we used descriptive words and our senses to describe how the pumpkin feels, looks, and smells. Also, the children used their pincer fingers to pull apart the seeds from the pulp and count how many they had.  We had so much fun!

    Pumpkin Seeds  Pumpkins

    Pumpkin Dissection Pumpkin pulp Pumpkin sensory

    Fall Story Retelling with Mrs. Lane (Speech Therapist)


    For this activity, Mrs. Lane read the children a story and had them retell the parts in making a scarecrow.


    Fall Story Fall project

    Retelling  Retelling

    Decorating Pumpkins

    As a fun Fall activity the children painted and decorated pumpkins to go along with the season.

    Decorating pumpkins Decorating Pumpkins

    Decorating Pumpkins Pumpkins

    Pumpkins Pumpkins

    Spookley the Square Pumpkin Read Aloud and Project

    This story teaches the children about what it means to be unique and accepted.

    Spookley Story

    Spookley Story Spookley Craft

    Spider Cookie Recipe

    As part of our integrated Speech and OT session, Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Ardito had the children follow a recipe and sequence the steps in making a spider cookie.  During this activity, the children used their fine motor skills to open bags, break pretzels, and twist cookies to form a spider.  In addition, the children had fun stamping all the steps in the recipe to show they were complete. What a YUMMY project!

    Spider Cookies Spider Cookies Spider Cookies

    Spider Cookies Spider Cookies Spider Cookies  

    Witches Brew Experiment

    For this experiment, the children predicted what would happen when I added the "magic" tablets to the witches brew. Afterwards, we discussed how mixing certain things together can create a chemical reaction.  Here's the results:

    Experiment Experiment Experiment