• homework

    Why do we have homework in first grade?
         Homework in first grade is primarily about developing responsibility in your children. They learn to bring home assignments, complete it (sometimes with a parent's guidance), and then return it. These skills will help to serve your child well later in his/her school life.
         The main goals this year are to get students used to having regular assignments, to develop a positive attitute toward learning, and to take responsibility for their work at home. Any assistance you can give your child with setting up a regular time to complete assignments and a comfortable place to read is of great help.
         In addition, homework can help create greater understanding between families and teachers and provide opportunities for increased communication. Monitoring homework keeps families informed about what their children are learning.

    Ways parents can help their child with homework:

    • ​Provide a quiet, well-lit space, away from distractions and with all the right study materials- paper, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, books, etc.​
    • Create a regular homework schedule, allowing for adequate study and free time.
    • Limit TV time, and do not allow it during homework.
    • When possible, be availabe to answer questions. Try doing a problem or two together then watch as your child tries the next one.
    • Avoid simply giving the answer. Instead, help your child see the problem in smaller, sequential steps. Use checkers, bingo chips, coins...to help your child "see" math problems.
    • Encourage your child to put completed homework in the Take Home Folder and then into his/her backpack, this helps build responsibility.