• ~Mrs. King's Class Specials Schedule~
    ​A Day Physical Education 
    with Mr. Ramirez
    8:15- 8:55
    B Day  Performing Arts 
    with Mrs. Jarvis
    ​8:15- 8:55
    ​C Day Art
    ​​with Mrs. Rockwell
    with Mrs.Cook

    8:15- 8:55

    11:45- 12:15
    ​D Day Tech/ Media
    ​with Mrs. Cucci
    8:15- 8:55
    E Day​ Spanish
    ​with Mrs. Cook

    with Mr. Walis
    8:15- 8:45

    11:35- 12:15
    F Day ​ ​​Physical Education
    ​with Mr. Ramirez
    8:15- 8:55
    *Please make sure your child wears sneakers on A, E, and F days for Physical Education and Health classes. 
    *​Please make sure to return all library books on D days.