November Newsletter

    From Ms. Golden’s First Grade

    Fall Picture

    Our class is full gear into first grade! We have been working so hard on reading our “Just Right” books, revising and editing small moment stories, learning, and building our classroom community through Community Circle. With all our hard work and effort, we are getting ready to head into the busy and learning filled month of November!

    Reading Workshop

                In Reading Workshop, we will continue our unit, “Word Detectives Use All They Know to Solve Words.” We will continue to be word detectives to solve tricky words. We will be learning multiple strategies to solve unknown words. We will learn to reread to make our reading sound like talking.

     Writing Workshop

                 During Writing Workshop, we will continue writing small moment stories. We have been generating topics, planning, and writing books while keeping our audience in mind. We will write so that readers can read and understand our stories. We are also making sure that we write complete sentences that have nouns and verbs as well as capitals and punctuation.

     Everyday Mathematics

         In Math we will be working on Unit 3 in which we will solve Parts-and-Total Number Stories. We will also learn number story strategies. We will explore counting, matching pairs, and ordering by length. Some other skills we will learn and practice are counting on the number line, counting to add and subtract, skip counting to add and subtract. As well as, counting Applications: Frames and Arrows, and counting with calculators.

    Word Study

         We have been learning the routines of Word Study! We have been sorting our words based on patterns as a whole class while we learn Word Study routines. We also have been practicing our Red Words with fun activities such as “Magic Words” and “Rainbow Words.”  


    Social Studies

    We learned about the Election, learned basic map skills and discussed different kinds of communities. We have enjoyed learning about these topics through Scholastic News and our Block Buddy Atlas.  

     Community Circle

             Our classroom community has grown tremendously over the past two months. We have had a chance to discuss various topics including growth mindset, diversity and respect. We also received a stress ball from Mrs. Slacin as a way to get calm. We have been enjoying the school themed activities such as Red Ribbon Week last month. We will continue to build our classroom community with one another during Community Circle


    We are looking forward to learning about Light and Sound. We will be going on a listening walk to hear different sounds in nature. We are looking forward to learning more about light and sound.

     Important Dates to Remember:

     November 3rd- Virtual Conferences

    November 5th and 6th - No School- NJEA Convention

    November 12th- Virtual Community Tech Night

    November 25th - 12:20 Dismissal for Thanksgiving Break *All students virtual

    November 26th and 27th   - No School- Thanksgiving Break



    I wish you and all your family members a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!