• rules

     *Note that there will be no lunch or snack at this time due to the hybrid schedule and procedures regarding birthday celebrations have been changed at this time.


    Call the school if you child is going to be absent. Notify the school in advance if your child is going to be absent due to a vacation.


    Invitations can only be handed out if the entire class is invited. On the day of your child's birthday, please send in healthy foods only. Ex. fresh fruit, vegetables, pretzels, popcorn. The treats will be passed out during snack time by the child. Passing of treats outside of the classroom is prohibited.

    Book Orders

    Each month, you will have an opportunity to order books from Scholastic. You are under no obligation to purchase. For every book that you order, I receive bonus points that can be redeemed for free books for our classroom. If you order, please do not send cash. Checks can be made payable to Scholastic Books Clubs.

    "Just Right" Books

    Children are to read "Just Right" books from the classroom at home daily. These books are meant to be read with ease and have been previously read by your child in class. Books must be returned the next day in order to to take another book home.


    There will be daily outdoor recess after lunch, weather permitting. Please send your child to school with warm attire during the winter months. Please make sure all clothing is labeled with your child's name.


    Please sign up for your conference at Curriculum Night. Please keep in mind evening conferences are available for households where both parents work. If you have any concerns, please contact me so we can schedule a meeting.


    Please check your child's folder everyday. Often there are important papers enclosed; not only the children's work, but also important notices from the teacher. The children have been informed that their folders should be emptied nightly with the exception of returned notices, homework, etc.


    The primary purpose of homework is to encourage your child to be responsible and to reinforce concepts taught in class. Homework is due the following morning, unless otherwise noted. The nightly "Just Right" book is considered homework.


    Labeling clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, and personal items is very helpful.


    All Rx's should be given to the Health Office if taken during school hours.


    If your child is going home a different way than usual, please send in a note stating so. Please do not rely on email if changing your child's dismissal routine as I may not have an opportunity to check my email before dismissal. You can call the school and ask that I be notified of any dismissal change.

    Signing In/Out

    Please make sure that you sign yourself in at the "Greeter's DesK" upon entering the school at all times and out upon leaving. If you are picking your child up early for any reason please sign your child out at the "Greeter's Desk".


    Please supply your child with a HEALTHY snack everyday, including the days in which your child buys lunch.


    If your child is late, please have your child go to the "Greeter's Desk" immediately for a late pass. School begins promptly at 8:05 a.m. It is very important for your child to arrive to school on time, arriving late can negatively impact the beginning of your child's school day.

    Teacher-Parent Meetings

    If you need to speak to your child's teacher, please schedule a meeting either before or after school or during a special.
    Dismissal is not an appropriate time to discuss your child in detail.


    All visitors must report to the "Greeter's Desk" to sign in and receive a Visitor's Badge.


    Please sign up at Curriculum Night to volunteer to help out when and where need be. When you come to volunteer it is important that you go directly to the "Greeter's Desk" to sign in and receive a Visitor's Badge. Please only go to where it is you are needed as a volunteer.

    ​Thank You!