• Homework



    The primary purpose of homework is to help your child develop responsibility. They learn to bring home assignments, complete it, and then return it. Homework also reinforces concepts taught in cl​ass. Students should return completed assignments the following morning, unless otherwise noted. The nightly "Just Right" reading book is considered homework.​


    Homework will be given Monday - Thursday

    • Students should read nightly for 15-20 minutes from their "Just Right" books
    • Math page
    • Grammar Worksheet (twice a week)
    • ​Practice flascards for about 5-10 minutes



    It is important that children learn how to read and spell sight words as part of their literacy development. Whenever possible, I ask that you devote some time to practicing this important work with your child. Attached is a list of helpful websites and fun activities you can use along side the list of attached sight words. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about this.


    Helpful Website: 

    Language Arts Websites 
    Spelling City
    Your child can log into this website to practice their word study sorts, high-frequency words, and more.



    Practice your math facts and see how much you improve each day!


    Sight Words at Home
    Sight Word Checklist
    Fry List

    Homework Log

    Everyday Math