• Mrs. Santos's Kindergarten
    Classroom & School Procedures

    Children are marked tardy if they arrive after 8:00am for pm session and after 12:00 pm for pm session.  If your child arrives after the noted arrival time, please have him/her see the greeter for a late pass.

    Please call the school if your child will be absent due to illness. Please notify the school in advance if your child will be absent for an extended period of time. Teachers may not give advance homework or class assignments to children going on vacation. Sorry, this is a school policy.

    Please check your child's folder EVERYDAY! Homework, newsletters, notes, and notices will be sent home in this folder. Also, any notes you have for me should be sent to school in the homework folder as I also check the folders daily.

    Homework will be sent home on a daily basis. Please set time aside each day for your child to complete homework assignments. Homework should be done in pencil unless otherwise specified. Encourage your child to take his/her time, color, and write his/her name neatly and carefully. Above all, please remember it is your child's homework and you are there to assist.
    Homework will instill a sense of responsibility in your child, reinforce skills being taught, and allow you to follow along in your child's academic career. It is also a wonderful way to create a strong home-school bond!

    Please send a healthy snack (including a drink) to school with your child everyday. (No soda please.) We really encourage healthy snacks here are Reynolds School and the children are always proud to show me when they have a healthy snack.   Snack will not be served during Phase 1. 

    Please send your child to school with a lunch and a drink everyday. Milk will be provided at lunchtime for those children who have paid to participate in our milk program. The PTO will be sponsoring a lunch program on certain days; however, you will need to keep track of which days your child gets school lunch. Also, please remind your child about proper lunchroom and playground behavior. (Children will have outdoor recess most days; please dress them appropriately.)  Lunch will not be served during Phase 1.

    On the occasions when it will necessary for your child to bring money to school, please send it in a labeled envelope. Be sure to include your child's name, class, amount, and purpose for the money. This will help me a great deal and reduce the likelihood of errors.

    Scholastic Book/Software Orders
    Reading will be an integral part of each school day. Daily reading at home will reinforce skills learned in the classroom, as well as foster a love of reading. Your child will bring home a Scholastic book catalog each month. (Sometimes software and/or special catalogs too.) If you wish to order, please follow the online instructions and the books will be delivered directly to our classroom. These orders are provided as a convenient way for parents to buy excellent books/software for their children at affordable prices. As an added bonus, each dollar spent earns points which can be used to purchase classroom books and supplies.

    Class Parties
    If you have signed up to send something in for one of our class parties/events, one of the class moms will email you a few days before with a reminder. If you are not signed up to bring something for that particular event, please do not send any extra treats, favors or goodie bags (candy or otherwise). If you send something that is not signed up for, I will not be able to pass it out. 
      There won't be any social gatherings or parties during Phase 1.

    Birthday treats can be sent in the morning and will be given out at snack time. Reynolds school encourages healthy birthday snacks. Some good ideas are fruit kabobs, apples, mini-muffins, strawberries, clementines. Feel free to be creative! ALSO, NO CAKES OR PARTY FAVORS PLEASE!!! Sorry, parents are not allowed to attend classroom parties. If you would like to send in a camera, I would be happy to take a picture for you.
    Also, please keep in mind, no additional gifts (balloons, etc.) or goodie bags should be sent in for birthday parties.

    If your child has a summer birthday, please pick any date during the school year and we will celebrate his/her birthday on that day. Please pick a date before June. Just send me a note and I will check and confirm a date. *Birthday invitations for home parties will only be distributed if the entire class is invited.Food will not be served in school during Phase 1. We will sing happy birthday and read a special book.  The children will be given a birthday crown to wear for the day and they will bring it home with them at the end of the day. 

    Mystery Readers
    Being a Mystery Reader is a great opportunity for you to visit our classroom. This special surprise visit for your child should really focus on the book you choose to read to our class. During this time your child will be allowed to sit next to you in front of the class as you read the book. Please refrain from bringing in any food items or toys during this time. Instead, many families have decided to donate the book they plan on reading to the class. If you decide to donate the book, your family name will go in it and it will become part of the classroom library.

    If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please send me a note with a date and time and I will let you know if we have anyone coming that day. Please don't tell your child that you're coming....it's a surprise. Your visit will be about 10 - 15 minutes, so choose a book that you can read within that time frame. When you come in on your scheduled day, please sign in at the front office and then have Mrs. Finn call down to my room. You can then wait outside our class door as I give the clues to reveal who our Mystery Reader is.

    *Please refrain from choosing a book with a holiday theme. Thank you!

    We will not have vistors in school during Phase 1.

    If someone is picking up your child other than the person or people on his/her pick-up list, please send me a note saying so. I will NOT release a child to someone other than a parent unless I have permission in writing. I know this is sometimes frustrating, however, it is for the safety of the children.

    If you ever need to contact me after school hours and can not wait until the next morning, please call the class mothers and they will give me the message to call you. (During school hours, you can reach me at (201) 961-6300 x2099 or email me at Csantos@usrschoolsK8.com) Please feel free to send me your email address if this is good way for me to reach you during the day.
    From time to time I call home to discuss something that may have happened in school, to give a positive report, or to discuss a concern. Please be sure I have the number you would like me to contact you at. 

    Please refrain from asking questions at dismissal time. The dismissal process is complex and the safety and well being of each student is my priority. If you need to discuss something urgent, please wait until my entire class is dismissed.

    6-day Schedule
    Reynolds school is on a 6-day schedule, which means, each day will be a letter day beginning with "A day" and ending with "F day". Note: If we have an emergency school closing, when we return to school, we will resume on the same day we left off on. (I will send home a monthly calendar to make it easier.)

    PLEASE label everything. Labeling sweaters, backpacks, lunchboxes, and personal items is very helpful.

    All medications that need to be taken in school must be given directly to the nurse.

    Special Circumstances
    Although sometimes a sensitive subject, it is important that I know about special family circumstances. In the case of separated or divorced parents, it is helpful for me to have contact with both parents regarding your child's progress. I do not wish to get personal regarding the special circumstances, but rather keep everyone informed about their child's progress in school.

    I'm looking forward to a great school year!

    Thank you! Mrs. Cindy Santos