• ​Mrs. Maginnis's Classroom Policies & Procedures:

    ​​Below you will find explanations of many of our classroom and school procedures. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please feel free to contact me.

    ​​​​AM Cohort: Reynolds School opens at 7:30 am and students will be supervised until our classroom door opens at 7:55 am.

    PM Cohort: Reynolds School opens at 11:30 am and students will be supervised until our classroom door opens at 11:55 am.


    ​​If your child is late to school), please send him/her directly to the Greeter's Desk for a late pass.


    ​​​Please call the school if your child will be absent (ext. 6376). Notify the school in advance if your child will be absent from school due to vacation. I will hold your child's work until he/she returns on their first day back.


    ​Please check your child's folder every day and remove any notes, completed assignments, or homework sent home. The folders will also be useful with sending correspondence back and forth as the children and I check them every day.


    Homework is important because it reinforces concepts taught in class and also encourages your child to be more responsible. All homework sent home is due back the following day, unless indicated otherwise.


    ​​Building a relationship with you to help foster the growth and learning of your child is very important not only to me, but to your child's success. If you need to contact me, you can write me a note, reach me via e-mail at smaginnis@usrschoolsk8.com, or phone me at (201) 961-6300 ext. 2121


    ​​​All First Graders, unless following an alternate dismissal plan, will be dismissed out the First Grade wing doors by the Tennis Courts. If your child is going home a different way than usual, please send a note stating how or to whom your child should be dismissed. If dismissal plans change during the day, do not e-mail me, but rather contact the main office (201) 961-6300.


    Snack and Lunch: 

    Snack and lunch will not take place in school at this time.


    ​​Please label all clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and personal items.


    ​All medications should be given to the school nurse if taken during school hours.



    Birthdays this year will not be celebrated with a snack. Rather, each child will recieve a birthday crown, special gift from me, and have their classmates sing to them for their special day. We look forward to celebrating their special day!