• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Our classroom door will open each day at 7:55. Any student who arrives after 8:05 will be marked tardy. In order to ensure the safety of your child, please make sure you send a note if there are any changes in your child’s dismissal schedule. If dismissal plans change during the course of the day, please contact the office. DO NOT leave me a voicemail or email me this information, as I will not be able to check these messages till after dismissal. 

    Please call the attendance office at extension 6376 if your child will be absent. Notify the school in advance if your child will be absent due to a vacation.

    If your child is late, please have them go to the Greeter for a late pass before reporting to class.


    Students make bring in a prepackaged treat for their birthday. The ingredient list and nutritional information must be included. Please communicate what treat you will be sending before the celebration. Please provide enough for every student including napkins, utensils, etc. needed for the snack.

    There will be daily outdoor recess after lunch unless it is raining. Send your child in with warm attire (gloves, hats, sweaters) during the cold months of school. Please label clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes and personal items.
    If your child is going home a different way than usual, please send in a note. If your child’s dismissal plan changes during school hours, please do not email me this information as I may not be able to check my email until after school hours. Instead, call the office and they will notify us of the change.

    Please supply your child with a healthy snack every day. Please send something that your child can open with ease. We have a daily morning snack. Students may also bring in a reusable water bottle to keep by their desk during the day and refill in the water fountains if needed. 



    Students must wear a mask inside when not eating snack/lunch. Wearing masks outdoors is optional. Please keep a few extra masks in their backpacks just in case we need to change them out.


    Extra Clothing

    You may choose to keep an extra pair of clothing/underwear in your child's backpack in case of a bathroom or spill accident. 

    All medications should be given to the health office if taken during school hours.


    Your child has a Take Home folder. Please check this folder every night for homework, notes and other important papers. Notes should be taken out of the folder each night to avoid clutter and confusion.

    The primary purpose of homework in Kindergarten is to reinforce concepts taught in class.

    All visitors must report to the greeter’s desk. If you are dropping off lunch, student work, library books or any other item, leave it with the Greeter for your child to pick up at a convenient time. This procedure avoids classroom interruptions.

    If you have any questions, you can always call, send in a note or email me. My school extension is 2100 or you can email me at djoy@usrschoolsk8.com.