• The yearlong theme of the first grade social studies curriculum is Fairness and Freedom. By studying important events and people in United States history and sharing personal family stories and customs, students will learn how our nation's founding philosophy of liberty and justice for all evolved in a diverse society. The curriculum includes seven units: Columbus' Discovery, Lenape Life, George Washington and Our Country's Beginnings, Abraham Lincoln and Freedom for All, Martin Luther King Jr. and Working for Peaceful Change, Family Heritage and Customs, and Map Skills. The first six units will be taught sequentially, and a class timeline will be created. The Map Skill unit will involve ongoing lessons throughout the school year using the Steck Vaughn Map Skills book.

    Basic concepts from seven social studies disciplines will be woven through each unit. These strands will focus on essential questions to help students understand influences shaping American life and appreciate the contributions every person has to offer.

    Civics: Why is it important for people to have rules?

    Humanities: How are different people alike?

    U.S. History: How have people in America worked for freedom and fairness for all?

    N.J. History: Why is New Jersey a good place to live?

    Economics: How do people get what they need and want?

    Geography: How does geography shape people's lives?

    Sociology and Anthropology: How do customs and traditions from around the world enrich American life?