Steps for Interscholastic Participation Clearance

   Step #1Complete all online clearance forms by clicking on
 the desired sport (see below).

   Step #2:  Print and complete Health History Update Questionnaire 
                         (completed by parent/guardian for each season. The hard copy must be printed and submitted to nurse)  

    Step #3:    Print and have physician complete the Athletic Physical Form (completed by your physician, submitted to                                                   school nurse)  

Physical Examination Requirements
Each child who participates in school sports must submit a completed sports physical form (completed by your primary healthcare provider (a licensed physician, APN, PA). This physical examination must be conducted within 365 days of the first day of tryouts/practice.

*A licensed physician, APN or PA performing the physical examination must verify having completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module by signing on the appropriated line on page 4 of the physical form.

*If a child has had an injury requiring medical intervention since the last physical examination then a medical clearance to participate in sports activities is required.