Concert dates
January 18th will be our Winter Concert for the 5th grade band at 7pm in Travers Auditorium

May 24th the 4th and 5th grade strings will have their Spring concert at 6:15 in Travers Auditorium

June 12th  is the 4th and 5th grade Spring concert for band at 7pm in Travers Auditorium

Weekly lessons
Monday 5th grade lesson groups from Zeccardi, Walker, Nye & all Percussionists/French Horns

Tuesday 4th grade lesson groups from  Anderson, Cilli, Falato & all Percussionists

Wednesday Strings: all 4th grade strings

Thursday 4th grade lesson groups from Eller, Pirsos, Whitman & all French Horn/Bartiones

Friday 5th grade lessons groups from Sangha, Bollenbach, Murphy & all Baritones

Band and Orchestra rehearsals
5th grade will meet on the following days from 8:15-9:00

Monday: Zeccardi, Walker, Nye 

*Wednesday: All 5th grade strings*

Friday: Sangha, Bollenbach, Murphy