Homework is a way of assessing a student’s understanding of concepts learned in class, which is why it will be given on a daily basis. Sometimes they will have Words Their Way homework over the weekend depending on if they did not finish it in class or not. Late or incomplete assignments will be noted and must be completed the following night in order to receive credit. If a concept is unclear, or a student does not understand their homework, please email or attach a note to that particular assignment.


Reading is a crucial component of a learning life. Research shows that children need at least one hour a day with eyes on print. It should become a life habit, and students are expected to read 25-30 minutes at home every night. Students will be using their reading logs to chart their sessions. When a student is done reading they should write a reflection in their reading notebook. This notebook should be filled with ideas, questions, wonderings, theories, summaries, and much more.


                            Snack will be around 9:50. Keep it healthy and small.


Students will have one week prior notice to begin studying for assessments. Quizzes will be given sporadically but will also be announced a couple of days in advance. All graded quizzes and tests will be sent home in their assessment folder on Friday’s and should be signed and returned back to school on Monday.


All birthday celebrations are welcome! Please send me an email or note to coordinate a healthy birthday snack for your child to bring in on his/her special day.

Additional Information

Please review the Bogert Student Handbook so you can become familiar with school-wide policies.