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 Reader's Workshop

Third grade is a pivotal transition year from learning to read words, to reading for meaning and comprehension.  It is essential for students to read books that are on their reading level, often referred to as “just right” books.  Through the Reader’s Workshop model, your child will practice numerous reading skills and will keep their own reader’s notebook to record their reading experiences during the school year. 

Writer's Workshop

 Students will be writing and publishing several information and formal pieces this year in the Writer's Workshop. Each student will keep a writer's notebook that will contain their very own writing ideas and experiments with various techniques. Through the school year, we will be writing creative stories, poetry, personal narratives, and other forms of writing.


 This year we will be teaching newly developed units of study that align with NGSS. Students will participate in hands on experiments that involve engineering and problem solving. Our units include Forces & Motion, Weather & Climate, Ecosystems, and Life Cycle.

Social Studies

There are three units of study in the third grade curriculum. They are Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, and The Regions of the United States. We will begin out unit on Upper Saddle River within the next couple of weeks.




The third grade writing curriculum focuses on the craft of writing. Students practice this craft by analyzing well-written pieces of literature. Students explore and create their own written pieces in their writers' notebooks, then move on to the publication process.


Our third grade math program is Everyday Mathematics. “Home Links” will be sent home for homework as a follow up for that day’s lesson.  The first unit, “Routines, Review and Assessment,” will help students retrieve past learning in earlier grades.  This will promote a stronger foundation for learning new material.

Use the EDM link below to access the SRB, Journal, Home Links, or other resources... 


In the lab and in the classroom students learn and use different programs to link technology to curriculum​.