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Every morning the students of Team C are responsible for coping down their homework from our "Homework Board" into their agendas. Parents/Guardians are asked to sign their child's Reading Log each night to verify that they have seen their child complete the assigned reading homework. 

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to enjoy daily in the afternoon.

Team C would be so happy to celebrate your child's birthday! Please contact me by email to discuss which day would be best to celebrate. When bringing in a treat, please be mindful of allergies. We ask that there are no nuts in the treats so that our entire Team C can enjoy and celebrate together. We also ask that you please include the "ingredients" section of the treat so that students with allergies may double-check if the snack is otherwise safe for them to have.

At Bogert Elementary, students are graded on a 4-3-2-1 scale. Students will be given the specific requirements and expectations for each assignment and test beforehand. Tests, projects, in-class assignments, class participation, and homework are all components of quarterly grades in each subject.

4 = Consistently exceeds expectations  

Generally, a “4” is a completed product that is done exceptionally well, and might include an additional component that was not required.

3 = Meets expectations

A “3” is an accurately completed product that meets the stated requirements.

2 = Sometimes meets expectations  

A “2” is a product that may have inaccuracies or is incomplete in one or more areas.

1 = Rarely meets expectations  

A “1” is an incomplete, excessively tardy, or largely inaccurate product.

Change of Dismissal
During the school day, please contact the main office directly for any dismissal changes.