Memorial Day Sing-Along Songs
3rd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:


IMPORTANT: On the lesson, "Play Steps, Skips, and Leaps," click on "Mark as Done" on the top right and then go back to Modules to go to the next lesson ("Leaps Exercises"). 

Goal: Get to "Building a Singable, Memorable Melody - Create"
1. Create a first original melody that is about 4 measures long.
2. Your melody should have a smooth melodic shape.
 - Use notes that move mostly by step
 - Add an occasional skip or leap
 - Use a mix of rhythms: 8th notes, quarter notes and half notes
 - Using multiple rests DOES NOT make it a smooth melodic shape
3. Try playing a melody on aQWERTYon first and then write in Noteflight.
4. SAVE your work (even if you are not done)!
5. Submit it once you are done. This assignment will be graded.

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