Congrats to Ava Altman, Avery Hirsch, Raya Baghal, and Grace Tomin for their acceptance into the NJ Elementary All-State Honors Choir!


Audition Information
Each student is required to record two vocalise/scales and a recording of the solo, Turtle Dove.

Vocalise Treble I

  • E above middle C
  • C5 (one octave above middle C)

Vocalise Treble II

  • D above middle C
  • B above middle C

Vocalise Treble III

  • Middle C
  • Bb above middle C

Solo: The Turtle Dove

Treble I: Starting Pitch = C# above C5, (high note is F#)

Treble II: Starting Pitch = B above middle C, (high note is E)

Treble III: Starting Pitch = A above middle C, (high note is D)