Classroom Policies

Students will be given the Bogert Student Handbook the first day of school, please review so you are familiar with school-wide policies.


Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I am always happy to discuss your child’s progress.  I can be reached by phone at (201) 961-6350 ex. 2019, or by​​

Students are expected to be prepared for the school day by having their school books, homework, gym sneakers and/or instruments for band lessons. Students should know that there are consequences if essential items are forgotten at home.



Homework is a way of assessing a student's understanding of concepts learned in class. The students are graded on the number of turned in assignments. If an assignment is late or missing, it is recorded and the student has the following night to make up the assignment. Of course, students absent due to illness will be given the necessary time to make up missed assignments. Students are allowed 5 late assignments per marking period with out it reflecting in their grade. After the 5th missed/late assignment, the student will stay in for recess for every missed/ late assignment until the end of the marking period.    

When we go over homework together everyday, it is understood that there will be times that all unfinished classwork becomes homework for students.  Students are expected to record these personal items and to complete them by the next morning.


We will always review before a test or a quiz. Study guides will be given to the students for some of the tests given.  We will prepare in class for tests, and students will be expected to prepare nightly for an upcoming test, once it has been announced.  We will focus on studying content as well as creating good study habits, learning strategies for studying as well. Signed tests are to be returned the next day.

4 = Consistently exceeds expectations  (Generally, a “4” is a completed product that is done exceptionally well, and might include an additional component that was not required.)

3 = Meets expectations  (A “3” is an accurately completed product that meets the stated requirements.)

2 = Sometimes meets expectations  (A “2” is a product that may have inaccuracies or is incomplete in one or more areas.)

1 = Rarely meets expectations  (A “1” is an incomplete, excessively tardy, or largely inaccurate product.)



There is a "working snack" every morning. "Working snack" is a time where students can eat their snack while continuing to work on their current classwork. Snacks should include healthy food such as fruits and vegetables.

Birthdays can be celebrated during the school day with the student's choice of playing a game of their choice with the class.