Homework Policy

Students will have homework almost every night. Students will receive a Homework Agenda 
Book. They will be recording their daily homework assignments in this Homework Agenda Book each day. All necessary homework materials and any school notices will be put in their Homework Folder. The Homework Agenda and Homework Folder will be going home with the student daily. Please check your child's Homework Agenda to view their assignments. Daily homework assignments are also available on my web page.

Students are requested to read every night, either alone or with you. They should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes each day. Every month they will receive a Reading Log to be filled out daily. Completed Reading Logs will be collected. Students should be reading every day including the weekend. This is an important part of your child's daily homework. Please help to assure your child reads, completes, and returns their Reading Log each day. This log is kept in each student's "Book Baggie."

Students will also be assigned various curriculum related projects throughout the school year. Students will be given a guideline to follow at the time the project is assigned. The guideline will also have the due date on it.

Almost every night you child will have math homework. The homework directly reinforces the lesson that is learned in class that day. It is important that math homework gets done on the night it's assigned.

Each night your child will have Words Their Way homework. The homework is set by letter day.  The schedule can be found in their WTW Notebook and on the "Homework" tab.   

Every Friday students will bring home a Friday Folder. This will contain graded papers and tests. There is a Signature Sheet inside the folder for parents to sign each week. All tests should be signed and returned in the folder on Monday. Graded papers are not to be returned. School notices issued on Friday will go home in their Friday Folder.​


In the event your child will be absent from school, you need to notify the school by 8:00 a.m., even if you have notified the teacher. Please call 201-961-6376 to report the absence, giving your child’s name, classroom teacher, and reason. Voice mail is connected to this line 24 hours a day so you can call anytime. If an absence is not reported, we will contact you to ensure the safe whereabouts of your child.  ​