Fifth Grade Curriculum

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Reading     The fifth grade reading curriculum is based around authentic literature. The fifth grade students read and discuss a variety of novels through balanced literacy. This model gives the children the opportunity to read grade appropriate literature, which tackles the many social and moral issues faced today.    ​

Leveling Books

Unit:  Understanding Fiction stories and characters

Writing​ ​ The fifth grade writing curriculum focuses on the craft of writing. Students practice this craft by analyzing well-written pieces of literature. Students explore and create their own written pieces in their writers' notebooks, then move on to the publication process. Writing Memoirs

Our math program is based around a curriculum that is both rigorous and balanced. 

The Everyday Math Program emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills. The program challenges students to explore the entire mathematical spectrum, not just basic arithmetic. The students encounter skills such as: number sense, volume, operations and fractional concepts.

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Xtra Math

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Common Core Word Problems

Unit 1:  VOLUME

Science ​  This year in Science, students formulate answers to questions such as, "Does matter change, does it's weight change? How much water can be found in different places on Earth? Can new stubstances be created by combining other substances?  How does matter cycle through ecosystems? Where does the energy in food come froma nd what is it used for?"  Students will develop and use models, plan and carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data, use mathematicas and computational thinking, engage in argument from evidence, and obtain, evaluate and communicate information; use these practices to demonstrate an understanding of the core ideas.
Social Studies  The fifth grade social studies curriculum allows the students to dive into the world of a social scientist.  Students learn that much of the world can be studied through geography, and our geographical location determines much about our way of life.  Student use a variety of materials to engage with the world around them, thus becoming better global citizens. Geography​
WTW ​ Students continue to work in Words Their Way to better their spelling.  Each sort they complete focuses on a spelling rule.  The sequence of the developmental program is based on the alphabet, spelling patterns, and meaning, principles of a child's spelling development.  Students will have a new sort to work with every cycle. Spelling City
​Technology ​ The fifth grade has the opportunity to work 1:1 with our brand new Chromebooks.  This Anytime Anywhere initiative allows students to have all types of technology at their fingertips. Students will use this technology in both the gathering of information, as well as the output of information.