Snack will be around 9:40.  Keep it healthy and small.  
Homework is a way of assessing a student's understanding of concepts learned in class. Homework is given mostly every night. If a concept is unclear, or a student does not understand a concept, they should feel comfortable writing a note on the top of the homework assignment. This allows me to assess where the class is, and ultimately where I need to spend more time reviewing or extending.​​​​

​​Reading is a crucial component of a learning life.  Research shows that children need at least one hour a day with eyes on print.  Reading should become a life habit, and students are expected to read at least 25-30 minutes at home every night.  Students will be using their reading log to chart their thinking.  Reading is an active process, so reading logs should be filled with ideas, questions, wonderings, theories, summaries, and much much more.