Students may enter the classroom on the first bell, which is 7:55. Class begins promptly at 8:05. Students who arrive late will be marked accordingly and will miss our morning prepartion time. Lunch/recess period is from 11:35-12:15 am. Students will be eating their lunch first, and then they will proceed outside for recess. We will be on a 6 day cycle, A through F. Students will have our classroom schedule pasted into their homework book and a school calendar will also be sent home each month. We will be having snack in the morning. It is important to note the 'specials' for each day as your child may need sneakers for gym or return books to the library. Students will be dismissed at 2:30 each day.


Homework will be assigned Monday to Thursday to reinforce skills learned in class. Students will be recording their homework in their assigned homework notebook. Please ask your child each day what their homework is so that you are aware of your child's responsibilities. Please allow your child to complete their homework independently. If you feel your child is having a difficult time with their homework please write me a note on the sheet so that I may address the concept. I expect homework to be completed neatly and returned the following day. If students forget their homework they will be given a one-day grace period and expected to return the work the following day. If students still choose not to complete their homework an appropriate consequence will be given. Please help in making homework a positive experience as it instills responsibility, organizational skills and develops study habits.​