4th Grade Curriculum​​
Students learn Geometry, Number Sense, Operations, Problem Solving, Patterns, Decimals, Measurement, Money, Statistics and Probability and Fractions through the spiraling program of Everyday Math.  The students learn through hands on experiences, math box activities, games, mental math exercises and math message investigations.
READING Students continue to learn to think and read critically through reader's workshop mini-lessons.  A variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, and poetry will be investigated.  Students will practice specific reading skills independently by reading their "Just-Right" books as well as through cooperative reading partnerships.
​WRITING ​Through the writing process and writer's notebooks and journals, students learn the craft and techniques of writing.  Students will explore writing in many genres including personal narrative, realistic fiction, essay, and poetry. 
SCIENCE Our science program is a hands-on exploration of four topics: Interactions in Chemistry, Interactions in Water, Interactions of Earth Materials, and Interactions in Wetlands. Students experiment, learn and use the scientific process, and explore the topics on field trips.
In Social Studies students explore Communities, Map Skills, Immigration, Government, Economics. These topics are explored by integrating texts and technology, are extended through literature, and expressed through culminating performance activities.
​WORD STUDY Words Their Way is a phonics, vocabulary, and spelling program. Children learn to look closely at words to compare, contrast, and classify categories of sounds and words. Word meanings are discussed. Students engage in a variety of activities in school and at home to practice their spelling and vocabulary skills.