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School Information: staffDirectory

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School Offices
Office Phone Number
Principal's Office 201-961-6350
Attendance 201-961-6376
Health Office 201-961-6373 / 6374
Guidance Counselor 201-961-6322
Child Study Team Office 201-961-6385
DARE - Officer Tara Kilduff DARE


Staff Information

To reach a staff member by telephone, please dial 201-961-6350 and leave a message with the secretary.  After school hours, please dial the number above and follow the prompts to leave a message on the teacher's voicemail.

​Special Education ​
Last Name First Name Grade / Subject / Office / Title ​Phone E-Mail
Andersen Danielle 4thGrade ext. 2002
Apicella​ ​Gianna Director of Special Education ​ext. 6382​
Ardito Meredith Occupational Therapist ext. 6383
Azzollini Alexandra Special Education ext. 2011
​Baker ​Katherine ​Social Worker ​ext. 6386 ​​
​Barry ​Sheila LDTC/Case Manager ​ext. 6384​
Bollenbach Jessica 5th Grade ext. 2019​
Caravela Amy Enrichment ext. 2128
​Casey ​Cayla ​3rd Grade ​ext. 2036​
Chen​ ​Philip ​Music ​ext. 2050 ​​
​Cilli ​Amanda ​4th Grade ​ext. 2003 ​​​
​Miros ​Katharine Basic Skills Instruction ext. 2070​
​Cosentino ​Kristine ​Attendance ​ext. 6376
D'Ambola​ ​Amy ​Curriculum Coordinator ​ext. 6420 ​​
​DeBoer Melissa ​Special Education ext. 2023​
Diverio Kelly Speech ext. 6380
​Eller ​Jamie ​4th Grade ​ext. 2001​
​Ennis ​Meghan ​Special Education ​ext. 2011
Falato​ ​Kasie ​4th Grade ​ext. 2005 ​​
Friedman​ ​Rachel ​Spanish ​ext. 2027
Groen Kristen Psychologist/Case Manager ext. 6388
​Hopson ​Marissa 3rd Grade​ ​ext. 2034
Hunter Karen Physical Therapy ext. 6335
Kaplan David  Principal ext. 6360
Klos Janelle 3rd Grade ext. 2039​
​LaBarbera ​Carla 3rd Grade​ ​ext. 2041​
​Larsen ​Danielle ​Basic Skills Instruction ​ext. 2008
Law ​Kristen ​Special Education ​ext. 2135​
Lo Piccolo Lisa Nurse ext. 6373
Manzer​ ​Juvilian ​Behaviorist ​ext. 6390 ​​
McFaul Jessica 3rd Grade ext. 2033
​Miller ​Heather Basic Skills Instruction / Special Ed ​ext. 2045 ​
Murphy Kerry 5th Grade ext. 2017
​Newman ​Scott ​Network Coordinator/Tech ​ext. 6378 ​
​Nye ​Tim ​5th Grade ​ext. 2026 ​​
Padilla​ ​Michael ​Director of Technology & Media ​ext. 6382
Perrucci Annette Secretary ext. 6360
​Petrow ​PJ ​PE/Health ​ext. 2031 ​
Pirsos Stephanie 4th Grade ext. 2004
Rehain Kelley Nurse ext. 6374
​Samimi ​Elizabeth ​3rd Grade ​ext. 2038​
Special Education
ext. 2009
Sangha Parveen 5th Grade ext. 2030
​Senger ​Sara ​Guidance ​ext. 6322
Spirko Julie Computer Literacy
ext. 2010
Stern Elayne Speech/Language ext. 6379
Travers Rosemary Nurse ext. 6375
Valdes​ ​Jacqueline ​ESL ext. 2049​
Van Blarcom Maureen CST Secretary ext. 6385
​Waldt Elizabeth ​PE/Health ​ext. 2032​
Walker Heather 5th Grade ext. 2025
​Weinsten Jason​ ​Instrumental Music​ ​​ext. 2046
Whitman​ ​Emily ​4th Grade ext. 2024​
​Zeccardi ​Erika 5th Grade
​ext. 2016
Zimmermann ​Anna ​Art ​ext. 2069 ​​