Classroom Procedures
​*Please view the Bogert Family Handbook to review school-wide policies. 

Being Prepared: ​Students are expected to come to school prepared each day by having their school books, homework, gym sneakers, and instruments for band lessons.

​Homework:  Homework is an essential component to classroom learning because it reinforces the concepts that were discussed and explored during the school day. Homework also establishes a sense of responsibility and promotes good work habits for each student.​  Homework will be assigned daily and will be collected each morning. Please check your child's assignment pad and/or my website to stay up-to-date on their assignments. Homework is not meant to be stressful or frustrating.  If at any time your child is struggling with homework, please email me or attach a note.

Grading: ​At Bogert Elementary, students are graded on a 4-3-2-1 scale. Students will be given the specific requirements and expectations for each assignment and test beforehand. Tests, projects, in-class assignments, class participation, and homework are all components of quarterly grades in each subject.

4 = Consistently exceeds expectations  (Generally, a “4” is a completed product that is done exceptionally well, and might include an additional component that was not required.)

3 = Meets expectations  (A “3” is an accurately completed product that meets the stated requirements.)

2 = Sometimes meets expectations  (A “2” is a product that may have inaccuracies or is incomplete in one or more areas.)

1 = Rarely meets expectations  (A “1” is an incomplete, excessively tardy, or largely inaccurate product.)​

Snack: Please send your child to school with a healthy snack, as we will have a "working snack" everyday.  ** PLEASE DO NOT SEND SNACKS CONTAINING NUTS.

Birthday Celebrations:  I would love to celebrate your child's birthday in school!  Please email me ahead of time if you would like to bring in a healthy birthday snack.