What are we learning in 4-Falato?
February 2018

Our new unit of study is Historical Fiction. Readers will learn about important events from history and discuss things they notice about the time periods during their second attempt in a book club. Readers will continue to write about what they read in order to encourage accountable conversations in their book clubs.


Our current unit is Literary Essay. In this unit, students will find a big idea about a text and support their idea by finding text evidence.  This form of writing about reading is a very important skill. 


In Unit 5, students will add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. They will also work with line plots and angles.


Our next science unit is Structure, Function, and Information Processing. This unit will look at the structures of different plants and animals and discuss how those structures have special functions.

Social Studies

We are studying immigration. Students will learn about the different people that came to the United States, why they came here, and what they encountered upon arriving.


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