What are we learning in 4-Falato?
May 2018

We are working with fiction and nonfiction texts to prepare for the PARCC exam. Students will be practicing reading skills such as answering comprehension and inferential questions, as well as how to find and cite evidence from a text. 


We are now spending time reviewing how to plan and write both narrative and non-narrative pieces. Students are using everything they have learned this year in writer’s workshop to respond to writing prompts based off short texts they have read.


In Unit 7, students will extend their understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Later this month, we will spend time reviewing the key concepts we have learned thus far in order to prepare for the PARCC assessment. Please use IXL.com as additional practice for the PARCC exam.


Our science unit is Structure, Function, and Information Processing. This unit will look at the structures of different plants and animals and discuss how those structures have special functions.

Social Studies

Throughout the months of May and June, we will continue to study economics and begin preparing for the fourth grade bake sale. Students will learn basic economic principles such as opportunity cost, interdependence, goods, services, money, taxes, and supply and demand.


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