What are we learning in 4-Falato?
December 2017

Our current reading unit will focus on nonfiction. This unit will discuss text features and structures of nonfiction. We will also practice determining the main idea and supporting details in a text. Students will then collect and organize notes on a specific topic. At home, students will be reading their leveled fiction books. 


We are writing personal essays. Personal essays follow an essay structure but have a thesis that is a personal statement. We will support our statements with reasons and examples. Then we will elevate our essays by elaborating, using transition words, and following checklists.


Unit 3: Fractions and Decimals


Our first unit in science is on energy. Students will be learning about what energy is and how it transfers from place to place. We will also be looking at electricity and circuits. 

Social Studies

We will begin the year with a unit on government. Students will learn about the guiding principles of our government as well as the different branches and their functions.


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