Snacks: Students are permitted to have a working snack in the morning. Snacks must be healthy and not interfere with the students’ ability to work.  Please send in only finger foods, as spoons, forks, etc. will interfere with the class.  Some suggestions are pretzels, popcorn, goldfish, crackers, dry cereal, granola bars, fruit, veggie sticks, etc.  Please do not send in chips, cookies, candy, soda, or other sugary foods and drinks.

Birthdays: Please be aware that there are a many food allergies in the class.  If you would like to send in a treat for your child's birthday, I am asking that you send in ice pops as all students in the class are able to eat that.  If you opt to not send in a treat, then students may choose to play a class game.  Please refrain from handing out invitations to parties in school.

Homework: Homework will be assigned most every night. Homework is an extemely important part of reinforcing skills that were learned in class. While a student's homework is not formally graded for accuracy, it is graded for effort. Therefore, a students' overall average will be affected if homework is not completed or turned in on time.


After School Help every Thursday unless noted differently on the homework page.

Gym is B, D, F days. Please make sure students dress accordingly and are wearing sneakers.

Library Checkout is every day.