​​Classroom Policies and Procedures 

Homework:Homework will be given on a daily basis to reinforce skills that were taught in class.  Homework will be collected each morning.  Late or incomplete assignments will be noted and must be completed the following night in order to receive credit. 

Grading: At Bogert Elementary, students are graded on a 4-3-2-1 scale. Students will be given the specific requirements and expectations for each assignment and test beforehand. Tests, projects, in-class assignments, class participation, and homework are all components of quarterly grades in each subject.


4 = Consistently exceeds expectations  (Generally, a “4” is a completed product that is done exceptionally well, and might include an additional component that was not required.)

3 = Meets expectations  (A “3” is an accurately completed product that meets the stated requirements.)

2 = Sometimes meets expectations  (A “2” is a product that may have inaccuracies or is incomplete in one or more areas.)

1 = Rarely meets expectations  (A “1” is an incomplete, excessively tardy, or largely inaccurate product.)​

Snack:​​ We will have a working snack each afternoon.  At this time, students will finish morning exercies, or other unfinished assignments.  Healthy snacks are highly recommended.   
Tests:Study guides will be distributed for some exams.  Students will have one week prior notice to begin studying for assessments.  Quizzes will be given sporadically and may or may not be announced.  

Birthdays:I would love to celebrate your child's birthday in class.  Please send me a note or e-mail to coordinate a healthy snack during snack time or lunch.  Thank you!

Reminders: Gym