We are starting off the school year with our Launch Unit. We will discuss what it means to be a good reader. We will also discuss different ways of jotting and how to write a strong reading response. 

It is important for students to read at least 20 minutes each night in order to build good reading stamina.  They will also record what they read on their reading calendar in order to track progress throughout the year. 


Writing Workshop will begin by learning how to generate ideas, good writing strategies, and working on narratives. 

It is important for students to write on a regular basis in order to build their writing stamina.  Students will be held accountable for using proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling based on their Words Their Way level.   

Math Unit 1: In this unit, students explore place-value concepts for multidigit whole numbers. They use U.S. tradiitonal addition and subtraction to add and subtract multidigit whole numbers. 

The first unit in science is Energy. Students will learn about energy and how it transfers from one thing to another. We will also explore electricity and circuits. 

Social Studies
Our first unit of study is community and government. Students will learn about the branches and their functions.