Homework provides independent practice, application, and reinforcement of skills and information taught in school.  It also teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.  Homework will be given on Mondays through Thursdays.  In addition, students are also expected to read daily, including on the weekends.  Each child is responsible for recording his/her homework in his/her planner each day.  Daily homework assignments can also be found on our classroom website. 

Every evening as each assignment is completed, your child should check it off in his/her planner to ensure completion of the entire assignment. Each assignment is to be finished and returned the next day unless otherwise noted.  Please check your child’s homework folder each night.  Completed assignments should be placed in the “bring back to school” section of his/her file folder.   

Homework Tips

1.  Plan a daily homework time.

2.  Try to have a certain place to do your homework; all of your supplies should be there.

3.  Read and follow all directions.

4.  Do your homework neatly and carefully. 

5.  Ask for help if you need it, but do the work yourself.


The purpose of discipline is to provide a safe and orderly environment for learning.  The class uses a form of discipline designed to help children make good choices about the way they behave.  Specific directions for each activity are provided so that the children know what is expected of them at all times.  Your child deserves the most positive educational experience possible for his/her growth, and I know that together we will make a difference.

    To encourage students to follow our rules, I will recognize appropriate behavior with praise, special treats, special responsibilities, and positive phone calls home.  Please be assured that the emphasis in the classroom is on the positive.  Studies have shown that rewarding positive behavior has the most profound effect on changing and guiding student behavior.