Homework is a great way for teachers, students, and parents to assess understanding of material covered in class. Students will have homework Monday through Thursday. Students receive a homework planner during the first week of school. They will be recording their daily homework assignments in this homework planner each day. All necessary homework materials and any school notices will be put in their homework folder. The homework planner and homework folder are to be taken home each night and brought back to school the following school day. Please check your child's homework planner to view their assignments. Daily homework assignments are also available on my web page.

If homework is incomplete or forgotten, a one-day grace period is given to complete the assignment.  Once your child brings in the completed assignment, they will receive credit for it. 

If your child has difficulty completing a homework assignment, please send a note or email letting me know. Homework will be checked each morning as a part of our daily routine. Although homework is checked for completion rather than accuracy, not completing homework on a regular basis will have an effect on a student's overall grade. 


Students are to read every night, either alone or with you. They should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes each day at home. This amount will increase as the school year progresses. Every month they will receive a reading log to be filled out daily. Reading logs will be collected as they are completed. Students should be reading every day at home including the weekend. This is an important part of your child's daily homework. Please help to assure your child reads, completes, and has his/her reading log in school every day. Reading logs should be kept in your child's reading bag​.


Students have snack in the morning (at around 10:30 AM). Please ensure that your child's snacks are healthy and don't interfere with their ability to work. Some suggestions include pretzels, fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt, and veggies. Please avoid sugary foods and drinks. 


Students may bring in a birthday snack, but I must be notified at least one day prior to the celebration. It is important that there is enough for each student in the class (21 students) and that any necessary utensils/paper products are supplied. Invitations to parties are not permitted in school unless every child in the class is invited.