Bogert Enrichment Program​
​Welcome to Bogert Enrichment!

The goal of the Bogert School Enrichment program is to provide able learners with academically stimulating experiences that nurture interests and abilities. The program builds on the existing curricula to provide lessons and experiences that are challenging, meaningful and appropriate for the needs of the students. The Enrichment Specialist works with groups of identified students on curriculum-related and interest-based activities. Higher-level thinking strategies, critical thinking and collaboration are encouraged in all lessons and independent study projects.​

Link to 5th grade Water Fountain Survey click here.

ONCE AGAIN! for 2017-18!!
Schedule coming soon.
Lunchtime Enrichment Opportunities! 
Any interested student may sign up: Click on the link for more information and to download the permission slip.

3rd Grade: Lunchtime Logic

5th Grade:  STEM Club

Continental Math League 2017-18 News:

All 3-5th graders are invited to sign up for Continental Math League, a problem solving extra enrichment challenge. CML will take place from 2:30-3:00 in the Bogert Gym: Third graders will participate on Tuesdays and 4/5th graders will participate on Mondays. Click on the link for more information and to download permission slips:

3rd Grade:  
4th Grade:  
5th Grade:  

National Current Events League 2017-2018
Bogert participates in the National Current Events League. Students competed in three meets and were tested on their knowledge of current events in the areas of general news, arts and entertainment, science, business and finance and sports. The following students were recognized for top scores:

Discovery Day 2015 "International Festival"
Since 1992, Discovery Day has been an annual event to celebrate students' discoveries, specifically in the area of science. Each year, the focus of Discovery Day changes while still keeping the important overarching theme of "discovery." By enabling students to make discoveries in various areas of interest, we will help open doors, expand opportunities, and broaden possibilities for our children.


5th Grade Restaurant Entrepreneur Projects!

Please view our presentations:
(You need PowerPoint on your computer to view these projects)